Shakib al-Hasan's wife Ummey Al Hasan backs over controversial on-field action


Shakib al-Hasan's wife Ummey Al Hasan backs over controversial on-field action

Shakib Al hassan wife Ummey Al Hasan has supported her husband and Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib after field action in the Dhaka Premier League (DPL) on Friday. Especially after the umpire's decision, he was seen hesitating on the stumps in anger.

The incident happened in a match between Mohammad Don Sporting Club and Abhani Limited where Shakib Al Hasan lost his temper twice in a span of two overs and then kicked the stumps to control his anger on On-field umpires denied the Appeal to remove LBW against Mushfiqur Rahim. 

Watch video :- Shakib Al Hasan kicks the stumps in front of the umpire

The umpire denied it and as a result, Shakib bowled all the 3 stumps. Moments later, after the umpire called for cover, Shakib dislodged the stumps and threw it angrily as rain could affect the pitch and ground. While the match ended with a victory for Mohammedan Sporting Club, it was Shakib whose on-field behavior went viral.

Although Shakib Al Hasan an apologized to his fans for his bad behavior, the damage was done and people started attacking him on social media. But his wife believes people should not do this and has appealed to "cricket lovers" to be "careful" with their actions. In a post on Facebook, she said it was a "conspiracy" against Shakib al-Hasan to portray him as a villain. She also questioned the decisions of the umpires.

“I’m enjoying this incident as much as the media is, finally some news on tv! It is great to see the support of the people who can see the clear picture of today’s incident at least someone has the guts to stand against all odds. However it is sad to see the main issue getting buried by the media highlighting only the anger that he showed. The main issue is the ongoing eye catching decisions of the umpires! The headlines are really saddening. To me it is a plot against him that has been going on for awhile to portray him as the villain in all circumstances! If you are a cricket lover beware of your actions!” Ummey Al Hasan wrote in her facebook account.

However, Shakib Al Hasan also apologized for his actions through a post on his Facebook page.

“Dear fans and followers, I am extremely sorry for losing my temper and ruining the match for everyone and especially those who are watching from home. An experienced player like me should not have reacted that way but sometimes against all odds it happens unfortunately. I apologise to the teams, management, tournament officials and organizing committee for this human error. Hopefully, I won’t be repeating this again in the future. Thanks and love you all,” Shakib Al Hasan wrote. 

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