Watch video:- ZIM Vs BAN: Muzarabani Mimics Taskin Ahmed with copies his Dance Style

 ZIM Vs BAN: Muzarabani mimics Taskin Ahmed with copies his Dance Style

The only Test cricket match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe came to an end recently. Although Bangladesh clinched a one-sided victory, fans can't stop talking about the action-packed Test. The warm face between Burjang Muzarabani of Zimbabwe and Taskin Ahmed of Bangladesh was the main attraction.

Speaking of closing the face, it finally ended when the former returned it to the latter in the same way. The incident started during the 85th over of Bangladesh's innings.

Bangladesh's number 10 batsman Taskin Ahmed was at the crease. Zimbabwe strike bowler Blessing Mazarbani had to bowl. Taskin Ahmed successfully defended a bouncer off Muzarabani. 

However, the show did not end there as Ahmed suddenly show his dancing moves to express his environmentalism. Muzarabani was still glaring at the batsman and this angered him even more. We have usually seen batsmen slapping the bowler during a brilliant delivery which happens after defeating the bowler. But the scene was different.

Muzarabani was not happy with Ahmed's celebration and he immediately went to Taskin Ahmed. The helmeted face between them was fierce. The two exchanged words before parting. But that was not the end of the drama.

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Muzarabani imitated Taskeen Ahmed dance moves in return! 

Bangladesh were on a time trip as they lost 06 crucial wickets in 132 runs. However, a strong effort from the lower order batsmen including Taskin Ahmed was enough to inflame the Zimbabwe bowlers. The reason behind such face-offs between the couple is explained here.

Bangladesh scored 468 runs in the first innings. The hosts were pushed back. However, another similar incident happened during Zimbabwe's innings, which was a treat for the fans.

During the 93rd over, Zimbabwe's No. 10 batsman Muzarabani had to bowl to Taskin Ahmed. The first delivery was a short one, which Temple was waiting for. He steps back and pulls it well to midwicket for a boundary.

Not only this, he also imitated Taskeen Ahmed's dance move,which he did during his innings, it was the result of the hot face that started with the dance.

Watch the video of the incident here:

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