The blind Cricket World Cup winner now works as a laborer in Gujarat!

 The blind Cricket World Cup winner now works as a laborer in Gujarat! 

We have seen many such instances where cricket has proved to be a life changer for many players. There are few instances where cricketers have moved from clothes to money after a career flight. On the other hand it is unfortunate that there are some players whose life changed after cricket. After the recession, they went to rag with money.

Naresh Tumda, a member of India's blind cricket team, has found himself in the second category. He was part of the blind World Cup winning team that won the trophy in 2018. The whole world had to face lockdown due to Covid-19 which made the situation worse for all of them.

The player was forced to work in the Novsari area of ​​Gujarat by selling vegetables. Naresh said,"I earn Rs 250 a day by doing labour work. I have requested chief minister thrice for a job but didn't get a reply. I urge the government to give me a job so that i can take care of my family."

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He said that when he reached India after conquering the world, he met various high-ranking officials and even President Ram Nath Kavand. He thought he would get a job soon after the tournament. However, it did not happen as expected.

India's blind cricket team became the world champion in 2018.

India and Pakistan were the two sides in the final of the Blind Cricket World Cup 2018. Indian team chased the target of 309 runs in 38.2 overs for the loss of 8 wickets. Indian team emerged victorious in few balls. Left with no option, the cricketer has now asked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide him a job for his livelihood.

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